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Dubai Health Authority Guaranteed CMEs 9.25 Hours Accreditation Number 2045/17

Course 1

       This two-day workshop is designed to provide therapists with a basic understanding of combining treatment approaches with children with a variety of developmental disabilities. Through lectures, case study presentations, video analysis, and group problem solving exercises, the participants will learn through clinical reasoning to analyze functional performance issues and identify impairments to be addressed with sensory integration, neuro-developmental treatment and/or other intervention approaches.
       Considerations to blend or not to blend approaches to meet the multi faceted needs ofchildren with developmental disabilities will be discussed.

Dubai Health Authority Guaranteed CMEs 10.5 Hours Accreditation Number 2046/17

Course 2

Ready, Set, Move: The NeuroDevelopmental Treatment Perspective for Pediatric Practice

      In this course the application of NDT handling to improve functional activity performance in individuals with neurological challenges will be emphasized. Movement analysis will be utilized to explore movement requirements for functional daily activities.
       This course is for clinicians who desire to improve their analytical and problem solving skills as a basis for effective assessment, treatment planning and intervention with
children of all ages who have neuro-motor conditions or movement difficulties. Learning opportunities will occur through lectures, movement labs with course participants using
handling and ball treatment strategies, group problem solving sessions and discussions.

Meet Our NDTA Instructor from USA

Mary hallway

Ms. Mary K. Hallway, OTR/L, C/NDT

Mary Hallway, OT, received her BS degree with honors in occupational therapy from Western Michigan University and has over thirty years of experience specializing in pediatrics in medical, educational and community based settings. She is an internationally recognized educator, clinician, and consultant who teaches the OT week for the NDTA Pediatric Certificate course, NDTA advanced courses ( baby course, upper extremity course) as well as a variety of short courses including combining NDT & SI in Pediatrics extensively throughout the United States and internationally. Areas of expertise include; clinical assessment and intervention, development and distribution of training materials, family training and professional development, consultation, therapy program development and implementation. She is currently owner of The Children's Therapy Center a private practice in Orange County, Ca. Mary has participated on the NDTA theory committee and assisted in the development of the book entitled Neuro-Developmental Approach: Theoretical Foundations and Principles of Clinical Practice. She has published several articles including Handling with Care or Handling Carefully in Parent Articles about NDT and has co- authored the book Combining Neuro- Developmental Treatment and Sensory Integration Principles: An Approach to Pediatrics.

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